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  • Jessie I.

Managers think that remote workers are less effective, and employees think they are more effective.

Updated: May 30

Who is actually right?

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Generally, the opinions of employees and their line managers will differ when it comes to

operational topics such as productivity. In order to bridge the gap firstly managers and

employees need to discuss and agree upon the criteria used to measure productivity. In some

cases the criteria is decided from the top management and there is no room for

negotiation. However, if you could ask your subordinates to brainstorm ideas and then

explain what the performance indicators should be and then they might be more likely to accept it.

Of course aiming to focus on the positives. The key performance indicators or targets need to be very clear and measurable only then comparison will be possible. Most companies have targets already in place so just use those as concrete data instead of discussing the feeling of "feeling productive". Some people prefer to work from home and may feel like they are more productive due to their psychological bias. If you want to balance the well-being of your

employees and conversion rates then that is different. If you want solely focus on data then

collect relevant and measurable performance points to analyze with your team.

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