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  • Jessie I.

How to avoid distractions in the office and at home

Updated: May 30

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There is ongoing debate whether with more digital distractions than ever productivity is affected. Here are some tips how to avoid distractions in the office


Implement a policy whereby employees need to lock away all their personal belongings

including their cell phones. These can be the biggest distraction because everyone gets notifications all the time emails,social media updates,private chats, to name but a few.

Banned sites

If you haven't yet set the workstations so that websites and applications that are not vital for the staff's work tasks to be inaccessible.

Separate employees according to their tasks

On a number of occasions I ended up in an office where employees who performed mainly

calls and those that used mainly written communication were put together each team

gets distracted by other. The overall costs you would save would be gone out of the window

due to the low productivity and office drama.

Increasing productivity at home

As a leader you cannot oblige how someone should work from home but you can recommend the following to your employees: Find a space where you won't be interrupted by family members,pets or housemates. Invest in proper equipment having a good size desk to fit all your work related items.Prepare a to do checklist with deadlines or post its with reminders.

You could also do a quick team building activity where everyone shares their best practices by giving you a virtual tour.



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