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  • Jessie I.

What Christmas incentives should you be giving to your employees?

Updated: May 30

With the upcoming festive season, a lots of companies are starting to prepare their end of

year party and incentives. Common giveaways include a Christmas gift, dinner and bonuses

among the different types of incentives that exist. So, we selected those 3, as most people have experienced or received at some point during their career and we surveyed about 1,000 employees across different industries globally regarding their feedback.

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Here is what we found out:

Corporate dinners

Most people do not value the end of year dinner. Some of the reasons they have listed why they dislike them are that parents often cannot make it due to family commitments. Employees that feel not valued also are not motivated to spend more time with their colleagues than necessarily. 23% of the interviewed shared they do like going but very often are disappointed with the menu options or the venue. Only 8 % are happy to go for the free dinner regardless of the circumstances. 43% have answered they worked harder during the last months of the year when party is approaching.

Christmas gifts

As a sign of thank you companies like to giveaway a gift to all their employees. Our contestants have responded that 57% of them give it to someone else or throw it away. 15%

answered that it is not useful because it was meant for a different gender.

The contestants were asked if they rather not receive it and 60% have answered they rather not or if they could get something they could choose. 26% responded that they rather have it

because it shows that the company is willing to give them something. The majority have

answered that knowing that they receive gifts every year does not affect their performance.


79% of the 1,000 surveyed answered that they do not know what they colleagues are getting

and do not know if it is fair in comparison. 5% claimed they were very satisfied with their

bonuses and 16% have said they would like to receive bigger bonuses.

The results cannot conclude anything definite due to the scale of the research,however, they

give us food for thought. Are company dinners worth the expense? Are they just incentive for

extroverts who would naturally enjoy social gathering more? Would it be better to give gift

vouchers to employees instead of a predetermined gift or maybe a choice of two?

Would that impose more work or expenses? Should bonuses be more transparent? What

extent they are measurable against other incentives for productivity?Are they the best

option? Before you make any conclusions for yourself consider is it worth finding out what is

appreciated the most in your company. Everyone has their personal preferences and

one solution would not fit all. However, it is important to have clear goal what are you trying to achieve with the Christmas giveaways -increase productivity,reward good behavior, make your employees feel valued to name but a few. Different options will have different outcomes. Or if you plan to cut costs this year you may well find out that the

price you paid last year for Christmas reward was also avoidable.



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