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  • Jessie I.

How to prepare new managers for their role

Updated: May 30

It can be both an exciting and stressful opportunity to become a new manager. With new responsibilities, increased prestige, and a pay increase to match, it's an excellent promotion.

You need to make sure that people who want to be managers are promoted for the right reasons and have the right skills and mindset. However, your work only begins when you promote them. A new manager is destined for failure if they do not receive assistance.

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Train them

When an employee is promoted, the most common mistake managers make is reducing the amount of support and attention they give to that employee.

Digits conducted a survey of 1,031 UK workers and found that 26% of managers and supervisors have never received management training. Another two out of five people, or 39%, said they received management training when they first took on managerial responsibilities, and only 35% said they received management training on a regular basis.

Just because they were excellent at their previous role does not mean they are ready for their new position. Invest in a good leadership course whether it is internal or external.

Avoid overprotecting them too

The opposite also happens very often. Newly appointed managers are not given the freedom to implement changes and make mistakes themselves. It can be tempting to jump in and help every time a manager faces new challenges in their first few days, weeks, and months. While it is beneficial to provide them with coaching and advice when they require it, it is essential that they ultimately resolve the issues themselves rather than you.

Handover the team properly

Giving someone insight into their team and their work is one of the most helpful things you can do for them in their first few months in the position. Help the manager's team members comprehend their strengths and weaknesses, as well as where their previous manager may have left off.

Being aware of what transpired prior to their arrival can be an essential step toward success. There are high expectations for what their manager will do to assist and when they will stay out of the way if their previous manager was excellent.

To sum up, a manager can have an impact on their team's morale, skills, and productivity. If you do or do not assist your managers in being effective, you can have an exponential impact on the people in your company when they report to you. You can make sure your new manager succeeds by giving them the right amount of regular support and helping them learn the basics.



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