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  • Jessie I.

How to improve your customer service interactions

Updated: May 30

Having good interactions with customers can lead to more sales

and better business results. However, most companies are famous for their bad customer support rather than their excellent service. Below we will look at some tips how to improve your customer support team.

a young employee wearing headphones talking to computer meeting

Most people have to contact customer service at some point and how you handle that experience can leave a long term effect on the relationship with your customers. I have been a customer of a company for nearly 20 years. Only recently I had to contact them and I was afraid that it would be such a hassle to resolve my

issue. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the agent was very empathetic and the issue was resolved in a short call. That speaks volumes itself. The fact that you don't need to contact customer support already tells us that operations are doing their job well and the customer experience was well handled.

The biggest challenge is to retain employees. Customer service can be improved with additional training and looking into resolving common issues. However, as it is trendy for people to leave their jobs frequently those training become an expense that does not bring results.

Know your product

Firstly, very often customer support agents do not know the product very well this leads to them escalating the queries customers have and that prolongs the time to resolve the case/answer the query. This may be a tough one because a company can have many products or service. I have worked as a customer representative for a firm that offered way too many products and it was impossible to know them all. In this case, I would suggest splitting the employees and train them so that they are specialists in a couple of areas not specialists in "the system knows it all and I do not know anything".

Listen to your customers

Improving the agent's active listening skills is vital. Most agents just answer or talk about what they think they should say not what the customer is really asking for. Customers get very annoyed when their question is not answered or resolved.

Sort out internal communication

if a query has to be transferred very often customers get frustrated with having to repeat the same information. So, investing in a good system that allows employees to share the information they have already collected can be crucial for the customer's experience.

There are many ways to improve customer support and it depends on the industry as well. If you have great tips how you have improved your team let us know in the comments below.



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